About Beacon

Media is everywhere. It’s your favourite bedtime story that your mother read to you as a child. It’s the photo you took with your first camera. It’s the sunrise you painted, the poem you breathed, the medium that carries and processes information, and a place of social change. 

It teaches and inspires, but is also a place of transformation, activism, and resistance. It is filled with narratives, and allows for a powerful expression of what it means to be human.

Published annually, Beacon: UBC Media Studies Journal is the first peer and faculty reviewed online multimedia journal that will showcase the creative and ambitious works of current UBC students who explore and study Media. We will feature a wide range of creative and academic work that offer new perspectives on new media and the impact of technological innovation. 

Although the Bachelor of Media Studies is a fairly new program, having officially launched in 2015, the thought-provoking and multidisciplinary courses which Media Studies offers has produced a multitude of dynamic, inquisitive, and innovative projects from the curiosity and creativity of Media Studies students – a small cohort of students selected from a rigorous process.

Beacon seeks to be an inclusive platform which celebrates those with exuberant and quieter voices.

It is a platform for you to shine to a greater audience, and a launch pad for all the things you’ll accomplish next.