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Published annually, UBC’s Beacon: Journal of Media Studies is a peer- and faculty-reviewed online multimedia journal that showcases the works of current undergraduate UBC students who explore and study the subject of Media. We feature a range of creative and academic work that offers new perspectives on media and the impact of technological innovation.

The Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) program at UBC is fairly new, having officially launched in 2015. Each year, the program accepts a small cohort of students selected through a rigorous vetting process. The program’s thought-provoking, multidisciplinary courses have led its students to produce a multitude of dynamic, inquisitive, and innovative projects that we are proud to showcase in this student journal. For more information on UBC’s BMS program, please visit the program’s website here.

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Copyright and Publishing Information

As an open access journal, Beacon: Journal of Media Studies applies, unless otherwise noted:

Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 to all creative works published on our site. 

Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC 4.0 to all academic essay works published on our site.

Our journal is passionate about being a platform to showcase the works of undergraduate students in the field of media studies to a greater audience. We believe in the ideas and wonders of students, and support their journey to achieving their biggest aspirations. As such, creators retain control of their works and are free to publish their work on other platforms, even when it has been published on our site. 

Please note that the opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual creators and are intended to invoke dialogue and build community.