Editor's Note

Reflecting on the past two years, defining “media” has become increasingly challenging. How can one term encompass both the influence of historical artefacts like the stereoscope, and the impact of the incredibly rapid development of AI? Where do we draw the line as to whether media refers to popular cultural products like K-Pop, Avatar, and Game of Thrones, or the global channel through which we see the systemic underpinnings of capitalismfalse diversity, and censorship? And to what extent does media transform one’s branches of identity, from the power of a name to the private alienation of a national public census? The potential of this single word is more vast than we could have imagined even just two years ago.

Some of us searched for the meaning in creative spaces: public artthe limits of language, or the critical eye of a camera lens. Others explored the digital age’s affordances, analyzing how interactivity and assumptions of transparency can affect objectives of conservation and reconciliation. Yet, through all these diverse explorations, a common thread emerged – the elusive concept of “media,” perpetually transforming, complicating, and adapting as rapidly as ourselves.

Studying in a program where the definition of its contents evolves faster than we can grasp its meaning has been both inspiring and a privilege. It’s spurred us onwards through progress and pitfalls, reminding us to reflect on our achievements and errors. So regardless of how the definition of “media” evolves next, we hope that this combined volume of Beacon acts as an archive capturing thoughts from students and scholars on media at this moment in time, and that it will inspire you to look at the world through lenses of compassion, collaboration, and creativity. 

As we conclude this editor’s note, we’d like to thank all the people who make this journal possible. Thank you to all of the creators who offered their work to Beacon, we’re grateful for your reflections and contributions to our shared exploration of media and its complexities. To those hosted in Volume IV+V of Beacon, your insights and dedication have immeasurably enriched this endeavour, encouraging dialogue and discourse. Our utmost gratitude to the faculty members who provided feedback and to the Media Studies program for their continued support and guidance. And our deepest, heartfelt appreciations to our editorial and design team, who worked endlessly to prepare the works for publication and promote this combined volume. Your enthusiasm, commitment, and diligence has made this team a joy to work with. 

It’s been an honour to bring Volume IV+V of Beacon to life. Moving forward, let’s continue to explore and redefine “media” with curiosity and empathy. 


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